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Ways You Can Make Your Braces Less Noticeable

Ways You Can Make Your Braces Less Noticeable

Braces got you feeling less smiley? You’re not alone! Braces can take a toll on how confident you feel, making you second-guess joining in on the fun. But, here’s a bit of sunshine: there are clever ways to keep your grin big and bright, all while making sure your braces don’t steal the spotlight!

Shift the Focus to Other Features

When wearing braces, it’s natural to feel self-conscious about how they look – after all, they can draw people’s attention to your mouth right away. However, there are a few things you can do to help divert people’s attention elsewhere.

One of the easiest ways to make your braces less noticeable is by simply shifting the focus away from them. You can do this by making sure you maintain good hygiene and by wearing flattering clothing that helps draw the eyes away from your mouth.

In addition to good dental hygiene and clothing choices, accessories such as scarves or statement necklaces can also be used to help take the focus off your braces. Experiment around with different accessories until you find something that looks particularly nice with your brace style and complements your personal look. If you don’t care for wearing jewelry or accessories, hair styles such as a bright-colored headband or an attractive updo may also be helpful in diverting attention from your mouth area.

Keep Your Teeth Clean

Keeping your teeth clean is always important when you’re wearing braces, but it’s especially important if you are trying to make them less noticeable. Braces create a lot of crevices where food can easily get stuck, so regular brushing and flossing can help keep your pearly whites looking great.

Make sure that you brush thoroughly around all the brackets and wires with a soft-bristled toothbrush and comfy fluoride toothpaste. Proper brushing techniques are essential for keeping bacteria, plaque, and odor-causing bacteria away. You should also use floss daily to ensure that any lodged food particles between the wires aren’t causing discoloration or decay. A water flosser can help clean those hard-to-reach places too!

Try Not to Be Self-conscious

Many people, especially teenagers, feel self-conscious about having braces. One way to make it easier is to try not to focus on your own appearance. Even if you think everyone else is looking at you and judging you, remember that they are more likely focused on their own concerns.

Another strategy is to talk confidently and avoid situations where you may feel singled out due to your braces, if possible. Avoid talking about them too—chances are that most people won’t notice until you bring it up!

Finally, put together an outfit or a makeup look that will make your braces seem less noticeable than they are. You may want to opt for muted colors and soft makeup rather than bright ones so as not to draw attention to your teeth and mouth area. You can also wear accessories and clothing that will help mask the look of your braces as well.

Bands on the Brackets

The bands that wrap around the brackets are an easily noticeable part of braces. If you want to make them less noticeable, try using tooth-colored bands, which come in several shades to match the color of your natural teeth. They are a much subtler color than traditional metal and blend in nicely with your smile.

Other materials for bands include clear ceramics and plastic. Ceramic brackets provide more strength than plastic but can still be slightly visible, while plastic gives an almost invisible look but may be less durable.

Practice Smiling Without Showing Teeth

People often feel self-conscious about their braces and want to hide them because they think it makes them look less attractive. Although braces are a necessary step in improving your oral health, there are a few things you can do to make them less noticeable.

Practicing smiling without showing your teeth is one easy way. Rather than focusing on the metal braces, try shifting your focus onto the other pieces of your face. Smile with your eyes and let the sides of your mouth curl up naturally, but keep your lips slightly closed to obscure the view of your teeth and brackets.

Smiling without teeth is a great technique to try if you’re uncomfortable with how prominent your braces maybe when people look at you head-on. This trick will help you keep smiling during orthodontic appointments where it’s important to appear lighthearted so that treatment runs smoothly with no extra anxiety or stress on either end.

Inconspicuous Braces

Invisible braces such as Invisalign have become a popular choice for many people who want an aesthetically-pleasing option for their orthodontic treatment. But even if you’ve chosen another type of braces, there are still ways you can make your braces less noticeable. With a few styling changes and wearing fun accessories, you can have a fun and fashionable smile that distracts from your appliance. Here are some ideas to help you customize your look:

  • Choose colored elastics that match the color of your lips or skin tone. This helps them blend in so they’re less noticeable.
  • Pick up some wax-like seals to cover any sharp edges or protruding wires.
  • Try some rubber bands in different patterns and colors that enhance the look of your smile but don’t draw too much attention to the braces themselves.
  • Add fun accessories like colorful beads, silly phrases, glittery hearts – anything that makes you happy!
  • Dress up with hats, scarves, ties, ties, and more – these can add some stylish flair that distracts attention away from your appliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some ways to make braces less noticeable?

There are several ways to make braces less noticeable. You can choose brackets that match the color of your teeth, wear special ceramic brackets that are less visible or use clear elastics to help camouflage the braces. Additionally, you can talk to your orthodontist about lingual braces, which are placed on the back of your teeth, making them less visible.

Are there different types of braces I can choose from?

Yes, there are several types of braces you can choose from. Traditional metal braces are the most noticeable, but clear ceramic braces are less visible. Additionally, lingual braces are placed on the back of your teeth, so they are less visible. Invisalign is also an option that uses clear aligners to gradually move your teeth.

What should I do if I’m self-conscious about my braces?

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your braces, you can try wearing bands, caps, or elastics that match the color of your teeth. You can also talk to your orthodontist about different types of braces, such as ceramic or lingual braces, that are less visible. Additionally, you can look into clear aligners, such as Invisalign, that can help straighten your teeth without being as visible.


Making your braces less noticeable can be an important part of feeling comfortable and confident in your orthodontic treatment. It also helps to know that there are some simple steps you can take to minimize the visibility of braces and ensure that you feel good about your smile.

From choosing colored elastics to adapting your oral care routine, there are plenty of ways to make sure that your braces do not detract from your overall appearance. Ultimately, the best thing you can do is talk with a parent or a professional orthodontist if you ever have questions or concerns about your braces.

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