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How to Choose the Best Dental Crown for You

How to Choose the Best Dental Crown for You

Are you facing challenges due to tooth decay and thinking about dental crowns as a potential solution? Finding the right fit for your crown is crucial for its effectiveness – so, how do you choose the correct one?

This article will guide you through choosing the best dental crown for your needs, so you can get back on track to having a healthy smile.


The appearance of your dental crown can help to improve or enhance the overall look of your smile. Depending on your needs, you may want to choose a crown that closely matches your natural teeth in terms of size, shape, and color. At the same time, there are also a variety of colors and material choices available on the market:

  • Porcelain is often used for a more natural-looking crown and can be shaded to blend into your existing teeth.
  • Other options include gold, metal alloys, and composites.


When choosing a dental crown, a key factor to consider is durability. This is because you want it to last through regular eating and drinking, as well as provide strength to the tooth or surrounding teeth.

Most people opt for metal crowns, such as gold or silver choices. These metals are strong and have a low risk of cracking or breaking. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are also available, but they may be slightly less durable than all metal varieties. All-ceramic or all-porcelain options can still offer more extended lifespans compared to composite resin crowns and are often better for people with metal allergies. Resin crowns are typically the quickest option for installation but also tend to be the least durable overall since they do not always match the strength of natural teeth and can wear down over time more easily than other options.

Be sure to discuss these details thoroughly with your dentist before making your decision about which material best suits your needs.


The cost of a dental crown will vary depending on the material chosen, the complexity of the replacement, and if insurance is involved. Generally, a ceramic or porcelain crown can range from RM3,400 to RM6,100. A metal crown can range from RM2,400 to RM5,200. The cost may be more if you opt for gold or another more expensive metal. An implant-supported crown can range from RM4,000 to RM12,000 or more depending on whether it’s just a single implant or multiple implants for full mouth reconstruction.

There are also costs associated with payment plans offered by certain dentists when there is no insurance. These payment plans often require interest and other fees that need to be taken into consideration when deciding what course of action is best suited for your situation.

It’s important to discuss payment options with your dentist ahead of time so you can make sure you are aware of any additional costs that may be associated with your treatment plan.

Restore Your Smile and Bite With a Dental Crown!

A dental crown is a restoration that completely covers or “caps” a tooth, restoring it to its normal shape, size, and function. If you have an infected or severely damaged tooth, your dentist may recommend a crown to restore the appearance and health of your smile. Crowns for teeth are available in a variety of materials that offer varying pros and cons, so it’s important to talk with your dentist about which type is best for you. Here is an overview of the three types of materials used for dental crowns and the benefits each type can provide:

  • Metals: Metals such as gold alloys, palladium alloys, nickel-chromium alloys, and titanium are strong and durable materials ideal for molars and other areas of the mouth that endure heavy chewing forces. Metal crowns often require little removal of existing tooth structure which leaves more healthy dental tissue remaining after treatment. The main drawback is their metal color appearance.
  • Ceramics: Ceramic or porcelain crowns are by far the most popular because they look just like natural teeth when properly placed. They can be beautifully crafted to match the color, shape, size, and contours of any natural tooth enabling them to blend naturally within one’s smile after treatment. Ceramic crowns are not well suited for molars due to their tendency to chip or fracture under heavy biting forces but they make excellent front teeth restorations due to their lifelike esthetics.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal: This material combines metal for strength with porcelain for an enamel-like look making them ideal for back teeth where high esthetics are desired but maximum biting strength is also needed from a restoration material. The drawback is that some metal will be visible along the gum line if gums recede over time so these tend not to be used in front restorations where cosmetics are paramount concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a custom-made restoration that covers the entire visible portion of a tooth. It is designed to restore the shape, size, and strength of the original tooth.

What types of dental crowns are available?

There are several different types of crowns available, including ceramic, metal, and composite resin crowns. Your dentist will help you choose the best type of crown for your particular situation.

How long does a dental crown last?

With proper maintenance, a dental crown can last for many years. It is important to practice good oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly for check-ups.


At the end of the day, selecting the right type of dental crown for you depends on several factors, including your budget, dental history, and individual needs. Talk to your dentist about any concerns you have about selecting the best dental crown for you. Your dentist can provide expert advice and guidance that will help you decide which type of crown is best suited to your individual needs.

Additionally, don’t forget to ask about additional treatments that may be recommended before or after the placement of a dental crown. These include preventive measures such as teeth whitening or other cosmetic treatments that can help preserve and enhance your smile even further.

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